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For our extensive and rare catalog of early to mid 20th century covering essential BLUES, JAZZ, COUNTRY, BOOGIE-WOOGIE and GOSPEL artists from a period that changed the musical landscape forever click here

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For our NOW! imprint releasing modern INDIE/ROCK/ELECTRONIC music by local artists click here


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Document Records has an extensive catalog of vintage and exclusive Blues, Jazz, Boogie-woogie, Gospel and Country music documented and preserved with great passion. It is the foundation of our label but only the tip of the iceberg. Document Records NOW!, label for current artists of all genre is equally nurtured with heart and soul giving a voice for local creatives who embrace new technology as well as the more classic bands. Now and then with love and respect.

You can visit our vintage section for our extensive library of early to mid 20th century recordings or visit our NOW! imprint for current artists.

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